Students in Action


An architect shows a blueprint of a house while preschool students look on from around the sides.

Over the last six weeks, preschoolers have been diving into the program of inquiry, how we organize ourselves. In preschool, the transdisciplinary theme is we depend on one another. They learned about different jobs from French International staff and other guest speakers. They finished the unit with Fête des Chefs where they worked together to make crepes for each other and other invited guests.

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Lower School

Two students share information on childhood hunger and how to help

On April 12, French International fifth graders presented their Primary Years Programme (PYP) exhibition projects to their classmates, teachers, parents, and other French International students. The exhibition is a culmination of seven weeks of research, action, and reflection on a topic of choice. It's one of the last projects during the PYP process and gives students a chance to demonstrate the aspects of the learner profile while making a difference in the community.

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Poets, Sebastian and Brice, work with a student on how to project and have a strong stage presence.

French International welcomed Sébastien Gavignet and Brice Verdure from SLAM Tribu to host poetry workshops with French International Lower School students. Every Lower School class had a 75-minute workshop on poetry, stage presence, body language, and showing emotions. In addition, fourth graders participated in a podcast workshop with the two poets.

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Middle School

A student sits next to his poster about a water source in Africa

Earlier this month, seventh graders finished up an interdisciplinary unit about water that bridged their science and individuals and societies classes. They learned about ecosystems and climate in their science classes. They learned about history, geography, and how water relates to human development in their individuals and societies classes and in their language track. The focus was water on the African continent.

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Web Radio

Web Radio 91

Here is our 91st (101st) Webradio show 
16 mai 2023
Animateurs : Graham de la classe de Cédric, CM2 et Emil de la classe de Thierry, CM2
Techniciens : Ella de la classe de Cédric, CM2 et Lille de la classe de Thierry, CM2

Sommaire / Program 
 - Les brèves / FI & International News (54’’)
Marie de la classe de Cédric, CM2. 

- Consommer moins d’eau et la recycler  / Consuming less water and recycling it (2’47)
Ava, Madeleine et Zoé de la classe de Sophie, CM1

 - Que est ton mot préféré en Français ? / What is your favorite word in French (5’15)
Emma et Matteo de la classe de Stéphanie, CP ; Ava, Herbie et Niles de la classe de Camille, CP ; Kailas et Kellen de la classe de Bénédicte, CP ; Asem, Dhruv et Harper de la classe de Jennifer, CE1 ; Aimé, Aslihan, Coco et Lili de la classe de Stéphanie, CE1 ; Edward, Mateen et Owen de la classe de Samantha, CE2 ; Amélie, Faye et Ramona de la classe de David, CE2 ; Everett, Henry et Kristina de la classe d’Alexis, CM1 ; Benji, Ravi et Violetde la classe de Sophie, CM1 ;Alexane, Marie et Nolan de la classe de Cédric, CM2.

- Si tu vas à Cannon Beach- conseils de voyage / If you go to Cannon Beach – travel advices (9’16)          
Hallie de la classe de Françoise, CE1. 

 -  “Haut comme trois pommes”: Des Moyennes sections jouent avec les CM2 / “Haut comme trois pommes”: MS play games with fifth grader students (11’22)      
Astoria et Peri de la classe de Carine et Micheline ; Carys, Emory, Josie et Alexane en CM2 dans la classe de Cédric ; Carine, maîtresse de Moyenne Section. 

- Deux blagues / Two jokes (13’26)
Lila de la classe de Thierry, CM2 et Lara de la classe de Samantha, CE2.

Enjoy ! 
Web Radio Team