Our Partner School

French International School of Oregon is pleased to partner with the German International School (GIS) by providing a preferred middle school for their alumni. 

French International Middle School and the German International School both share a commitment to fostering a spirit of community in which diversity is a key component. This is reflected in French International Middle School’s organization of our four advanced language "tracks": French, German, Mandarin, and Spanish—as well as a beginning language track for English speakers looking to learn a second language.

How the Partnership Works

GIS students with high-level second-language skills enter the Advanced German Track or Advanced Mandarin Track at the French Middle School. Designed in partnership with GIS to provide a continuation for their students after 5th grade, it’s also currently the only daytime middle school option for high level German language instruction. (GIS offers evening teen classes for students in other middle school programs.) 

All students learn a new language in addition to German or Mandarin, which they will pursue for three years or until the end of 8th grade. Both beginning and advanced language classes are taught exclusively by native speakers of the language.

Units of work in all subjects are developed around guiding questions and lines of inquiry that help students connect their learning to the world they live in. Through classwork, projects, group work, and electives, students are given many opportunities to develop their leadership and creativity, to take intellectual risks, and to communicate and reflect.

Admission from GIS to French International Middle School

  • French Middle School admissions processes and decisions are separate from GIS.
  • Advanced German Track and Mandarin Track slots for qualified/mission appropriate students varies each year, depending on how the French Middle School allocates students among the five language tracks.
  • GIS earnestly recommends applying to French International Middle School, but also recommends pursuing additional middle school options (particularly in years when GIS has large enrollment numbers).

About the German International School

The German International School is a Primary Years Programme, dual language school for grades preschool-5 where the German, Mandarin, and the American languages and cultures are taught and appreciated. GIS’s  program focuses on each student as a whole, and offers a curriculum that seeks to combine standards of education, as well as academic, social, and artistic concerns. Children develop a pleasure for learning and a natural curiosity about the world around them. For more information about the German International School, visit their website at