1st-3rd Grade (Cycle 2)

Cycle 2 builds logically upon the curriculum of Cycle 1. A key objective during Cycle 2 is for students to learn to communicate in both French and English with expanded English instruction beginning in the 2nd grade.

In all areas of the curriculum students develop their vocabulary and a more complex knowledge of syntax. Throughout Cycle 2, children focus on developing aptitudes for research and reasoning. They also develop methods and tools to learn (organization skills, working in collaboration, researching and processing information using different tools).

Language Arts

Through reading and interacting with a wide variety of children’s literature, students will be introduced to the basics of language arts. The program will teach students to develop strong phonics, reading, and comprehension skills while fostering a love of books and the habit of reading for pleasure. Language learning requires the constant interaction among speaking, listening, reading, and writing. In Cycle 2, students apply a wide range of strategies to comprehend and interpret language and to communicate effectively. While learning a language requires systematic activities, it also takes place in all classroom situations.


Instruction in mathematics helps students develop an aptitude for research and reasoning. Research opportunities encourage students to experiment with problem-solving strategies and provide them with new ideas and skills.

Discovery of the World

Science and Technology