Language Immersion

Hello! Bonjour! Hallo! 你好 iHola!

Language immersion is more than learning another language. French International uses language as a lens to help students understand other cultures, think with a global perspective, and navigate the broader world around us.

As the longest-established language immersion school in Portland, French International builds this foundation in Early Childhood/Maternelle and Lower School and expands upon it in the Middle School… developing global citizens with core values to help create a better and more peaceful world.


Long-term Benefits of Language Immersion

Beyond the academic benefits, language immersion also enhances a number of cognitive, creative, and social abilities… from focus, critical thinking, and problem solving to open-mindedness, empathy, and interpersonal skills.

How Language Immersion Works at French International

What the Research Says

Immersion programs maximize a child’s natural curiosity, ability to learn another language, and appreciation of other cultures and points of view. Research on child development shows this window of opportunity is highest between birth and age 6, so the earlier the better! Want to know more? Please see below for a collection of articles on the benefits of language immersion and bilingualism.


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