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Head of School, Year 4: One School

French Internatoinal families, students, staff, supporters, and alumni:

This year, we are focusing on being one school with a united vision. We will be announcing new initiatives this year based on feedback from you. Together we are moving forward while better defining who we are and who we want to become. It is our community’s connectedness that makes French International such a special place, and I am genuinely excited for the future of our school.

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A photo of Scott Hardister, Head of School
A photo of five students with their arms around each other standing on the turf field

Welcome to year four of Scott's blog. In this post, Scott talks about impact and influence - the influence his students and athletes have had on him over the years.

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Snowy mountain and trees with pinkish hues against a blue sky

We all have traditions that we live during this upcoming Holiday Break. Some of you may have  religious traditions, while some of you may have family traditions that include traveling somewhere--but we all have some kind of  traditions we look forward to during this time of year. 

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