Our Mission

Families choose French International School of Oregon for a number of reasons, from our strong academic program to the long-term benefits that come from combining language immersion and the IB. But our Mission, Who We Are, and How We Create Belonging are what tie it all together. They’re why we do what we do, how we do it, and a collective promise to our families.


French International School of Oregon develops curious and critical thinkers through a robust and immersive multilingual curriculum. We are committed to fostering an inclusive community that celebrates diverse perspectives and creates the foundation for reflective learners to thrive and effect change in an interconnected world.

A photo of Jennifer Reineck's class sitting on the carpet listening to her teach them about time.

Who We Are

Our innovative, multilingual curriculum is taught in small classes by native speakers. Students are the center of our community and learn through authentic inquiry, collaboration, and multiple teaching styles to discover and hone strengths. 

How We Create Belonging

French International is a welcoming community, connected by shared principles of integrity, respect, empathy, and equity. 

Characteristics of Professional Excellence

In fulfilling the mission of French International School of Oregon, the following specific behaviors and attitudes define professional excellence in a teacher at French International. 

  1. Effectively uses a wide array of teaching strategies to meet the learning, emotional and psychological needs of a wide range of diverse learners.
  2. Displays a strong knowledge of school curriculum and subject matter.
  3. Understands and demonstrates the use of inquiry-based pedagogical techniques.
  4. Demonstrates a belief that all students can learn and experience success in different ways, depending on abilities, learning styles, preferences and interests.
  5. Skillfully and collaboratively contributes to the curriculum planning and evaluation process, using student assessment to improve learning and teaching.
  6. Models and respects the School’s core values of international mindedness, open-mindedness, integrity, collaboration, and creative inquiry
  7. Creates a classroom environment that promotes student learning while fostering respect, understanding, and acceptance of differences.
  8. Seeks out opportunities to grow professionally.
  9. Demonstrates active support for colleagues.
  10. Actively participates in the life of the School.


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